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Unlock the potential within

Learn how to be the best version of yourself with

Cherry Ward

Empower yourself and lead others

Cherry Ward is a seasoned leadership development expert, coach, and advisor, dedicated to cultivating performance and fostering growth mindsets for thriving teams and organisations.


With a focus on nurturing thriving professional and personal lives, Cherry brings a wealth of experience and insight to her work.


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Work with Cherry

Drawing from over two decades of experience and a deep well of wisdom, Cherry blends her adventurous spirit with a genuine desire to see you thrive. Through personalised coaching, immersive experiences, and tailored advisory services, she'll ignite your curiosity, challenge your assumptions, and empower you to lead with purpose and authenticity.

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Thriving Women 

Step into a world designed to empower and uplift with Thriving Women programs and retreats. 


I understand the unique challenges that women face in their professional and personal lives, and believe that every woman can design and cultivate a thriving life.

Thriving Women programs and retreats offer more than just a getaway, they're immersive experiences crafted to equip women with practical tools and strategies to prevent burnout, build resilience and foster personal and professional growth.

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What's holding you back from truly thriving?

We are navigating the whirlwind of life's demands, it's all too easy to neglect ourselves. We've been conditioned to be the pillars of support for others, but this shouldn't entail relegating our own needs to the back burner. Finding equilibrium between work, family, and the pure joy of life is attainable.


You've got just one precious life to live, and we're here to help you seize the absolute best of it.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

- Mary Oliver - 

Upcoming programs

Ski & Snowboard Retreat: Madarao, Japan
Ski & Snowboard Retreat: Madarao, Japan
02 Feb 2025, 2:00 pm GMT+9 – 07 Feb 2025, 12:00 pm GMT+9
Madaraokogen, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2257, Japan
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